The World's Most Advanced Anti-Ransomware Solution.

For Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1 and 10

RansomOff In Action

Watch as RansomOff quickly stops a variety of threats before they can cause damage.

What Is RansomOff?

RansomOff is a free, signature-less, endpoint security solution designed to do one thing; stop ransomware dead in its tracks.

Signature-less Protection Against Any Threat

Because RansomOff is completely signature-less, the underlying ransomware family is irrelevant. No level of code obfuscation is enough to prevent RansomOff from detecting and stopping ransomware before it has a chance to cause damage.

Data Protection Everywhere

Unlike other anti-ransomware solutions, RansomOff is able to protect your data on all your devices to include removeable media and network share drives. Additionally, RansomOff is also able to protect your MBR from malicious overwrites.

Brought To You By Correlate

The technology behind RansomOff was originally developed for Correlate, an advanced, signature-less, enterprise endpoint security solution. Because ransomware is such as pressing problem, we here at Heilig Defense decided to carve out the anti-ransomware capabilities from Correlate and package it into RansomOff so that everyone can benefit.

Never Pay a Ransom Again!

RansomOff's cutting edge detection technology means your data will never be held hostage again. RansomOff is able to detect and stop ransomware attacks in many cases before any data is encrypted. But in the chance that files are compromised, RansomOff provides its own backup and restoration capabilities to get you back up and running in no time.

World-class anti-ransomware protection
Master Boot Record (MBR) protection
System process protection
Automatic file backup and restore
Folder defenses
Extension filtering
App Lockdown
Screen locker protections and mitigations
Startup change detection
System file change detection
Process hollowing detection