RansomOff Change Log

5.2017.214.6672 (RC1) - 1 Aug 2017

  • Improved boot time performance.
  • Improved compatibility with existing system software.
  • Minor bug fixes.

5.2017.198.4233 (RC1) - 17 Jul 2017 (limited release)

  • Added additional App Lockdown options.
  • Added file backup folder exemptions.
  • Added wallpaper restore.
  • Fixed file backup and restore bug relating to disk space calculations.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
  • Updated documentation.

5.2017.190.9480 (RC1) - 9 Jul 2017

  • Added system file change detection.
  • Added auto-exempt capability from top-most toast popup.
  • Added wildcard matching to exemption list.
  • Added additional screen locker mitigations.
  • Added RansomOff Server support.
  • Added ability to sync settings from other systems.
  • Added additional installer check for Windows 7 issue with identifying necessary KB.
  • Enforces restrictions on bcdedit and vssadmin usage.
  • Added option to enable/disable system process policy enforcement.
  • Faster icon loading on startup.
  • Fixed error notification when browsing for exempt files or folders.
  • Updated various UI elements.
  • Website and documentation update.

5.2017.156.2734 (Beta) - 5 Jun 2017

  • Added process hollowing detection.
  • Added import/export of settings.
  • Fixed security exemptions list issue with installer.
  • Fixed some settings not staying persistent across reboots.
  • Added app lockdown restart options after reboot.
  • Added scheduled tasks and services for start up notifications.
  • Expanded recovery mitigations.
  • Enhanced full screen window detection and mitigations.
  • Added wizard to help decide appropriate action for non-technical users.
  • Fixed username lookup bug on non-English language systems.
  • Enhanced compatibility of UI on higher scaling systems.
  • Minor UI updates and bug fixes.

5.2017.144.10111 (Beta) - 24 May 2017

  • Fix BSOD issue introduced in last release.
  • Made MBR protection optional during install.
  • Added ability to toggle MBR protection (requires reboot).
  • Added option to manually install updates.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

5.2017.142.4703 (Beta) - 22 May 2017

  • Fixed bug highlighted by Xdata ransomware.
  • Fixed issues with App Lockdown saved settings.
  • Enhanced App Lockdown efficiency.
  • Added default options for App Lockdown for error conditions.
  • Expanded Windows start up modification detection.
  • Updated Windows start up notification logic with option to prevent duplicative alerts.
  • Added ability to terminate process that made start up change in single workflow.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

5.2017.139.8295 (Beta) - 19 May 2017

  • Added application lockdown mode with confirmation for newly executed processes.
  • Added icons to indicate folder protection status.
  • Added per-folder toggling from folder protection window and taskbar menu with reboot persistence.
  • Added removable drive awareness to folder protection.
  • Added main protection toggling from taskbar menu.
  • Added taskbar icon change to indicate status.
  • Added ability to deny, deceive and make read-only for root folders.
  • Tied startup notifications in with exemption list and added easy exemption of processes that caused the notification.
  • Added alert message filtering and cleanup.
  • Expanded self-protection mechanisms.
  • Fixed installer issue of only showing the 'Program Files' directory.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Many thanks to the Wilders Security and MalwareTips communities for continued feedback and support.

5.2017.131.8772 (Beta) - 11 May 2017

  • Added folder protection capabilities to deny, deceive, hide or make read only with per process exemptions.
  • Added additional notifications if update has occured and restart is required.
  • UI tweaks to include taskbar icon animation.
  • Updated installer to prevent certificate conflict and mis-matched architecture.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Updated documentation.

5.2017.124.3598 (Beta) - 4 May 2017

  • Added registry artifact cleanup.
  • Added ability to delete recent file or registry start up changes.
  • Fix auto-update bug affecting Windows 8.1 systems.
  • Modified installer to allow for over-the-top update without uninstalling first.
  • Updated database update procedures to keep existing data.
  • Published documentation to website.

5.2017.119.4637 (Beta) - 29 Apr 2017

  • Updated process interaction heuristics and rules.
  • Added setup step to manually add existing security software for exemption.
  • Added additional notification and logging messages.
  • Minor UI changes and fixes.

5.2017.116.7686 (Beta) - 26 Apr 2017

  • General bug fixes.

5.2017.116.6374 (Beta) - 26 Apr 2017

  • File restore expanded to cover all processes with a variety of ways to restore modified files.
  • Added additional file backup and restore options for increased control.
  • Added ability to disable file backup.
  • Automatically identifies and adds anti-virus exemption.
  • Notifications on common Windows start-up area changes.

5.2017.107.8077 (Beta) - 17 Apr 2017

  • Automatic updating.
  • Added WMI and scheduled task tracking for improved process termination and cleanup.
  • Added undelete functionality to restore files deleted by RansomOff.

5.2017.105.5336 (Beta) - 14 Apr 2017

  • Fix numerous performance and stability issues.

5.2017.102.8559 (Beta) - 12 Apr 2017

  • Improved compatibility with existing programs.
  • Modified main UI with color coded protection status.
  • Added ability to disable ransomware protection.
  • Improved installer to prevent possible registry corruption that could lead to BSOD loop.
  • Changed all build times to UTC.
  • General bug fixes.

5.2017.101.7020 (Beta) - 11 Apr 2017

  • Modified installer to include better error checking and more robust restore point creation.
  • Improved false positive detection.
  • Fixed startup UI hang issue.
  • General bug fixes.

5.2017.99.6252 (Beta) - 9 Apr 2017

  • Modified installation bootstrapper to display message if minimum .NET version is not installed.
  • Improved heuristics to prevent false positives.
  • Added 'Allow' confirmation second-chance to prevent inadvertant ransomware continuation.
  • Expanded process propagation detection.
  • Added additional system processes to protect against code injection.
  • General bug fixes.